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We are delighted to introduce REKROW, a newly launched project dedicated to recycling denim workwear made and used in Hiroshima. Curious Corner’s showroom showcases REKROW textiles, as well as an exciting collection from the collaboration between Stephen Kenn and Transnomadica. Our shared passion for ethical and sustainable production inspired these collections. 


REKROW x Stephen Kenn

REKROW x Transnomadica


Japanese Denim Heritage Upcycled

Fukuyama City and its surrounding area of Hiroshima are known for high quality “kasuri (cotton ikat)” textiles. It is now the present day center of denim manufacturing in Japan, hosting over 40 denim manufacturers and producing 70% of the denim fabric made in Japan. 

REKROW is launched by a group of experts based in Fukuyama as a project dedicated to a new sustainable system of denim and workwear manufacturing. It all started with the production of denim uniforms for workers at a local ship building company. The team collected and washed the worn out uniforms, then carefully deconstructed them into useable parts. These pieces are then sewn together to become flat bolts of fabric ready for new projects. 

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