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REKROW x Transnomadica

Upcycled workwear


Transnomadica is a project focused on excess clothes and objects, from vintage to secondhand to the obsolete, across redesign and a product curation that draws from the best in utilitarian design and genuine artisanship from around the globe. 


Transnomadica’s founder, Maurizio Donadi, has led various initiatives around redesign and upcycling since 2015 by applying over 4 decades of retail, design and international expansion experience while working with companies as Ralph Lauren, Giorgio Armani and Levi Strauss & Co. 


Transnomadica took original jackets and pants worn by shipbuilders in Hiroshima, and thoroughly repaired and transformed them into a series of five garments, further reinforcing the value in objects that only get better with age.



Denim on Denim

REKROW used workwear patched with scraps of American vintage denim from the 20's to 50's.


Camouflage World

REKROW used workwear patched with scraps of varieties of camouflage fabric.



REKROW used workwear patched with scraps of vintage Charhartt workwear from the 50's and 60's. 


Mission to Mars

REKROW used workwear with vintage space-themed patches.

The Safe Art Zone

REKROW used workwear with hand-painted patches. 

Unisex and various sizes are available. Each piece is one of a kind with unique variations of fades, repairs and patch arrangements based on theme. 

Contact info@curiouscorners. com for price and order.

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