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BORO & Indigo, Japanese textiles at Les Ateliers Courbet, New York

Curious Corners proudly presents a Boro & Indigo Exhibition, co-curated with Atelier Courbet and Sri Threads. The show showcases a wide range of Japanese vintage textiles, ranging from the museum quality noragi (farmers’ work coats) with sashiko stitching of Northern Japan, to hikeshi hanten (fire fighters’ jackets) of the 1900s, to a variety of fabrics dyed, woven, and stitched in traditional techniques. The show also unveils our in-house home collection, KOFU, as well as hosts indigo dyeing workshops by Japanese indigo farmer-dyer collective BUAISOU.

Opening Reception: Wed, Sep 7, 6-8pm Open until Sep 23 Les Ateliers Courbet 175 Mott Street, New York, NY 10012 BUAISOU "Sukumo" Indigo Dying Workshop Fri, Sep 16, 4-7pm / Sat, Sep 17, 4-7pm $80 For workshop details and to make a reservation, please email

Courtesy of Yukiko Koide Presents



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