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Five Questions with Erin Wilson (Quilt Artist, Brooklyn, NY)

1. What is the oldest thing you own?

A cookbook from 1923 called Modern Mothers’ Cooking, well-used by my great grandma. Published at Times Press in Frankfort, Indiana.

2. What is the oldest thing you have in your possession?

A clothespin family, made for me by my uncle Bill.

3. What was the most recent thing you made by hand?

A Tyvek envelope to hold artwork.

4. What is your most recent memorable purchase?

A classic song: “Some Other Time” performed by Tony Bennett and Bill Evans.

5. If you had a carte blanche to buy "Art," what would you purchase?

A custom-tailored work jacket. I’d wear it every day.

Erin Wilson is a quilt artist based in Brooklyn, NY. Wilson makes quilts rooted in hand-dyed color, architectural imagery, and intricate piecework. She lives and works in a hand-built home in Brooklyn, NY, with her partner Owen and three cats.



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