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Introducing Yamato Natural Blend Indigo Dye

We are excited to introduce Yamato Indigo, a Japanese natural-blend indigo powder dye. Easy to use, Yamato Indigo only needs water; no heating, fermentation process or additional agent is necessary. It dyes natural materials, such as cotton, linen, silk, into a vibrant indigo blue.

It comes in a package of 10 gram and 50 gram. 10 gram is good to dye 1 - 3 T-shirts depending how dark you would like to dye them. 50 gram is enough dye a pair of jeans. We also have Yamato Indigo Starer Kit which contains all you need to make shibori bandanas: 10 gram of Yamato Indigo Dye, three white cotton bandanas, two pairs of latex gloves and sticks and rubber bands to make shibori.

Please purchase from this page.

Find more about Yamato Indigo on this page.

Press on Yamato Indigo:

Discount for bulk order and wholesale are also available. Please inquire by emailing to




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